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Staying in a failed marriage is worse than being divorced – Uncle Ebo Whyte


Staying in a failed marriage is worse than being divorced – Uncle Ebo Whyte
Uncle Ebo Whyte
Marriage counsellor Ebo Whyte stated that couples who stay in failed marriages instead of opting for divorce are in a deadlier and detrimental situation.

Uncle Ebo Whyte shared this disheartening eye-opener with Berla Mundi and Cookie Tee in an interview on the New Day morning show. In response to Berla’s observation of how many marriages have failed because of the absence of love. And how some couples have refused to go their separate ways despite the lack of love. He said that couples who find themselves in such situations are worse off than those divorced.

He said, “The divorce rate does not frighten me. Actually, what frightens me more as a marriage counsellor are the cases where the marriage is dead, but they keep going. And that is much more deadly. Much more destructive because in our culture, they will say divorce is not good or depending on the kind of role you have in society because he or she is a big man.

“Sometimes a pastor or even a TV presenter will face a lot of critics if he or she is divorced. And so they don’t have any choice than to manage. There are so many people who are dying in their relationships than cases where you have been released, and you can now move on.”

Uncle Ebo Whyte shed more light on love and explained that loving someone is a choice. And hence one can choose to reciprocate it in the same way or even more. Using his marriage as a reference, he explained that he had to constantly remind himself to love his wife every time.

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