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The African Curse

Last week Sunday, July 11, 2021, Richard Branson made the first tourist space flight in history. And this week Tuesday, July 20, Jeff Bezos launched into outer space. After successfully working on electric cars to make the earth greener, Elon Musk is working day and night to put people on Mars by 2025.

Meantime, many Africans are busy attacking and tearing each other down. Others even bewitch their own siblings who succeed. While Indian, Arab and Jewish entrepreneurs work as a community, Africans incite each other against their brother’s shop or product(s).

Study the two countries in Hispaniola Island that share a literal border: Haiti and Dominican Republic. Among other things, we like blaming our colonial heritage. Haiti got independence from France in 1804. According to World Bank (2020) data, with a GDP per capita of $868, Haiti is ranked 190 in the community of nations. Meantime, the GDP per capita of the Dominican Republic is $7,650.

Qatar and U.A.E got independence in 1971 and they have a GDP per capita of $ 69,026 and $ 43,005 respectively. With a GDP of $772, Ethiopia which was never colonized is rank 195. Oil-rich Nigeria got independence in 1960 – rank 165, per capita $2,028. Kenya got independence in 1963 – rank 169, per capita $1,711. Mineral-rich DRC got independence in 1960 – rank 202, per capita $562.

With the exception of war-torn Afghanistan, the bottom twenty countries are all from sub-Saharan Africa. And we’re still busy fighting each other rather than pooling together. Before we think of the havoc caused by the ruling elite, we need to reflect deeply on the individual level. Our leaders emerge from amongst us and their thinking is a reflection of the community they were groomed.

Source: DR. K. N. JACOB


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