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TOO BAD: Motorbike of Census Officers Falls off Timber Bridge. [VIDEO]


Ghana has started its 6th census post-independence. About 70,000 field supervisors and enumerators have been deployed to gather data. The listing of structures started on 13th June 2021.

In the process, a video where census officers’ motorbike fall off a timber bridge has emerged online. Pazionglabalnews.com cannot actually tell where the unfortunate incident occurred, but the scenes indicate that the census officers were on their way to the countryside to accomplish their task.

As two of the officers pushed the motorbike through, one of the officers was heard reporting on their predicament. A lady was also heard laughing hilariously though the situation wasn’t funny.

From the visuals, the officers struggled to push the motorbike through the timber bridge only for it to fall at the latter part. They had to step into the river to push the motorbike.

Check out the video below


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