1. God-fearing

In proverbs 31:30, the Bible says charm is deceptive and beauty disappears, but a woman who fears the Lord should be praised. A good woman strengthens her man spiritually and awakens the man’s spirit when he is weak. A good woman is the one who takes her man to the house of God and not the one who always dream of being at a party centre and taking you to restaurants and fast foods joints. Lest I forget, in anything “GOD FIRST” and a good woman knows that.


Genesis 2:18, then the Lord God said, it is not good for the man to live alone. I will make a suitable “COMPANION” to “HELP” him. The man named all the birds and animals, but no one was a suitable companion to help him. The woman is the only companion that can help or provide assistance to a man in the performance of a task.
when you keep a cat as a pet (companion), it protects your things from being destroyed by a mouse. It could be your cloth, papers, money, etc. And when you keep a dog as a companion, it barks away any enemy that tries to evade the house. But a cat or a dog can’t help a man pay his bills when he is financially broke or take the man to the hospital when he is not feeling well.
That is why the Bible stated clearly that “a suitable companion to help him”, meaning the woman is a friend, a partner and the one who can help a man both physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. As a companion, she must spend most of her time with her man and not spend the night replying to WhatsApp messages and Facebook comments and likes. WhatsApp and Facebook have become major canker in many relationships. Remember, When you keep a dog as a companion, it stays at home to bark away enemies and protect its owner and not the other way round.

You should not be an opportunist or a burden in a relationship/marriage. In some parts of Ghana, there is the notion that ” when there are profits (benefits and positive results) in marriage, one brings it home, but misfortunes are sent to the husband.   Don’t take your husband as a bank account where you can withdraw anytime. You must first deposit. You can’t withdraw when you have not deposited. That is a total cheat. So ask yourself, are you the type that deposit or withdraw?

When you deposit, then you are helping the man build the family which is the prime purpose of a woman. And when you are the type that thinks of withdrawal…asking every day, then you are draining your family. Proverbs 14:1 says every wise woman builds her house, but the foolish plucks it down with her hands. A good woman contributes towards his man’s savings to build the home.


Submissiveness is one key element to successful relationship and marriages.
Unfortunately, the world has become too busy that the obvious simplicity has become absurdly difficult making women think they can equally do what men can do and even do it better instead of fulfilling their unique paths in life. And what a great world it would be if we obeyed God rather than man(Acts 5:29). God has made us male and female with distinctive strengths, weaknesses, and needs. When husbands and wives each focus on their God-ordained responsibilities toward each other,  there will be harmony and not abuse in this life.

To be submissive doesn’t mean total passiveness where the man makes all the decisions without soliciting your opinions, needs, and desires. It does not mean holding your viewpoint, neither does it mean you are inferior whilst the man is superior nor taking care of all the household chores.
The practice of submission involves an attitude of respect. It means knowing when and how to talk, and speaking with gentle wisdom. It means having a listening ear. A submissive woman clothes herself with kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. A submissive woman is not the complaining type. Proverbs 21:19, better to live out in the desert than with a nagging, complaining wife.

Submission is communicated by both attitude and actions( Stev J. Cole). Husbands are never commanded but the headship of a man is a fact.

She is a hard worker, strong and industrious (proverbs 31:17). She is not the type who laze around. She is brilliant in business dealings, brave and daring in the performance of some task. She is capable, clever and able to handle available resources in the house wisely. She keeps herself busy doing something for the family. She is not entirely dependent on the man. She knows the value of everything she makes and prepares food for the family. She does not worry the man for everything. Unfortunately, most women today are too lazy to put food even in their mouth, talk about preparing food for the family. If most women know how to prepare food for the family, they wouldn’t be buying cancerous foods from the streets.


Prince Ayerakwa



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