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Travelling To The Volta Region For Robbery Was A Big Mistake: Imported Armed Robbers In Trouble

The operations of armed robbers usually do not have boundaries. They operate at any locations they believe their operations will be successful. In Ghana, for example, some foreigners who have travelled purposely for armed robbery business have either been busted by the police or are still hiding executing their operations one day after the other.

Some of them even travel from one region in Ghana to the other just for the sake of armed robbery. They are sometimes successful, but in the worse circumstances, the police grab them to face the laws of the country. For some time now, the police have been killing many of them who try to exchange gunfire.

The Volta Region has been one of the places in the country where armed robbers operate frequently. It however remains one of the regions where armed robbers are mostly arrested by either the police or residents. An armed robbery gang has been arrested by the Kpando Divisional Police Command.

The four-armed robbers were arrested after a successful robbery operation where the personal properties of some passengers were forcefully taken on the highway. After the robbery, they bolted with the idea that the police were far from arresting them. But after gathering enough intelligence, their hideout was dismantled leading to the arrest of Amadu Zakaria, Muhammed Usmanu, Wemi Gbefe, and Jaloh Aljumah.

Unfortunately, some of the arrested armed robbers were imported from other parts of the country. They travelled to the Volta Region with the sole purpose of engaging in highway robberies. Even though the police did not disclose the regions they travelled from, evidence including guns, screwdrivers, and other weapons were retrieved from them.

This was a huge mistake on the part of the armed robbers. The Volta Region has for some time now become a no-go zone for armed robbers. The residents in the Volta region are wild awake in ensuring that any armed robber or criminal is arrested either by the residents or the police. They have sworn to ensure that the hideout of every armed robber is dismantled for residents to enjoy free movement. These are not hidden, so it beats imagination on how armed robbers will decide to travel from another region for operation. Now, they are in huge trouble because the court will not spare them if found guilty. They will end up in prison for a long term to serve as a deterrent to others.


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