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[Video] Two gay men receive beatings after they were caught chopping themselves in a car.


A video that is spreading like a wildfire on the internet captures the moment two young men were caught engaging in homosexuality in the back seat of a car.

The incident happened near a bush road in the afternoon on Friday where the two were seen naked in a Toyota Corolla S with the DV number plate.

What makes the video shocking is that the two young men got the chutzpah to do it under broad daylight on a busy road.

It’s unclear where the video is emanating from but the reporter who was shocked to see the two young men practising the detestable act was heard speaking Twi.

The lady who recorded the unfortunate incident said “Eeei Ghana! What is happening, in this hot weather and you are doing this! ” The young men who did not like the lady filming them tried to stop her. As the lady was filming, two energetic men were seen beating them.

LGBTQI+ has generated heated debate in Ghana in recent times. The majority of Ghanaians want a bill to be passed to criminalize the act.


Watch the video below





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