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Video: Ashaiman Traders Cry Over Increased Pickpocketing and Sales of Fake Phones. See More Details

  1. Information reaching pazionglobalnews.com from Kwabena Yeboah, Spearheader of “Speak Your Mind Movement” has it that an unfortunate incident happened at Ashaiman last week Thursday Which the police commander in Ashaiman is aware of it. Last week Thursday, mobile phones fraudsters sold a fake phone to a certain young guy for 300.00 Ghana cedis. When the young guy returned the fake phone to them, one of them removed a knife and threatened him. The fraudulent activities by these fraudsters are affecting those genuinely selling correct phones.

One trader who is a living testimony to this unfortunate incident grappling Ashaiman community further stated that gambling activities are done every day right behind Ashaiman Main station, Opposite Melcom.  According to him, the commander is aware of the gambling activities, but no action has been taken.

Genuine businessmen and women are worried because the behaviour of those criminals is affecting their sales.
“Every blessed day, we pay 2 cedis income tax, yet we cannot do business and make good sales because of the fake people in our midst “, he said.

Some sell mobile phones, bags, foods, clothes, etc. That is the business most of them do for a living. But there is a section of people who have mixed up with them, and they are into fraudulent activities? They will repackage a condemned phone and rebrand it to deceive buyers. When someone comes to them to swap a phone from their outfit, they would rather give the person a fake phone and demand a financial top-up from you.

Many people have the mindset that if you go and buy a mobile phone in that part of town, they will sell a fake phone to you. The genuine mobile phone operators among the fake ones are complaining bitterly. They are losing a lot of customers and it is affecting their sales.

There are also a lot of pickpockets who always follow people and steal from them in broad daylight. Some young guys always come and play gambling on a table in a broad daylight. Pickpockets take advantage of spectators who come to watch them. Nobody is ready to talk about these evil activities going on at their selling place. Nobody wants to be a target for these fraudsters to be beaten or killed. Everybody is quietly watching them unconcerned.

The traders on that lane went to Ashaiman main police station to lodge a formal complaint to the police about what is going on. According to the traders, the police commander told them to go and arrest those mobile phone fraudsters and bring them to the police station.

They said what the police commander told them brought a serious misunderstanding. Now the traders have decided to put the laws into their own hands. Anytime they will arrest a pickpocket or mobile phone fraudster they will beat the person instead of sending the case to the police station.






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