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Video: Lady embarrassed for dressing and walking half-naked on the street


Human beings are created by God in different ways. We all have different personalities, different upbringing, different ways of thinking and different ways of dressing. The way we behave in public is different from each other because of the difference in our way of thinking and personality. We are all raised by different people, and this is why our behaviour defers from time to time.

The way some ladies dress in public is causing more than good to the younger generation, they dress as if they are in their rooms with half-naked dresses that are bad for the younger generations to see. Some of these ladies have been disgraced in public on many occasions, but still, they continue the public show of shame without feeling remorseful about it despite the cries from the general public.

This is the case of a beautiful young lady who was molested and disgraced in broad daylight because of her indecent dressing in public. The most amazing part is that she was even attacked by fellow women who felt embarrassed with her indecent dressing because she is a woman like them. The group of women felt that she was disgracing womanhood, she was challenged and asked various questions before they started abusing her and calling her names.

The lady felt so embarrassed to the extent that she tried to walk away from the scene and even tried to hide her face in shame, but the women kept calling her all sorts of unpleasant names. She started making calls, different calls to her friends to come and save her from the public show of shame.

Here is what people are saying:

Despite the fact one would feel for her as a fellow human being, we must also realise that she brought this trouble to herself because of the indecent dressing she wore. Our women should try to put up decent behaviours in public because failure to do this may lead to sexual harassment, something that is on the rise due to the rise of indecent dressing in our society.


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