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Wassa Dunkwa: Armed Robbers Attack Gold Buyer’s Office

On 25th May 2021, some armed men invaded Holy Ghost Gold Enterprise at Wassa Dunkwa in the Amenfi West Municipality to rob them of their hard-earned gold and money.

It cannot be independently established whether the robbers made away with some valuables, but sources close to pazionglobalnews.com revealed that the gold was given to the “kitchen boy”, the one who does the refinery. The kitchen room is normally isolated from the main office because of the heat involved in the purification process. The robbers shot the boss-teacher Abulai, popularly known as Holy Ghost who was in the office. It is reported that the victim was shot in the legs.

Some community members had wanted to come to his rescue, but the continuous firing scared them making them run helter-skelter. According to some residents, it was a pathetic eyesore. The incident happened during the intermittent power outages around 7:40 pm on the said day. As to why he was shot, community members are expecting speedy recuperation from the victim as they see him be the best person to give a detailed explanation of the incident.

The victim is reported to have been admitted to Asankrangwa hospital for treatment. It was announced on Wassa Dunkwa Information Centre the following day that the victim had run out of blood and they needed some good neighbours to donate blood to the victim as he battles for his life.

The victim is one of the renowned gold buyers at Wassa Dunkwa. He is the owner of holy ghost sounds. His office is located On the right side of the town along the main road, just near the first-speed ramp after “Obonto filling station”.

Burglary, armed robbery and pickpocketing are becoming a common form of crime encounters in the municipality. Residents are therefore appealing to the government and the police service to strengthen security in the area, especially at night hours.
Residents also want the Electricity Company to give them a persistent and reliable power supply since these criminals normally operate during dark hours.




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