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What is stressing you?


Money, relationships and health issues are the leading causes of stress. That’s why I write on these issues the most. If you can’t pay your bills, you’ll be stressed. Wisdom requires you take care of your job or business. Complaining about the economy won’t pay your bills. Blaming your employer for firing you or accusing your partner of laziness won’t solve your money problems.

Life is hard. If you get casual with relationships, you’ll live a stressful life. Casual sex will stress you. Why add a lifetime stress because of few minutes of pleasure? You cannot treat a human being casually and walk away scot-free. If you are single and you don’t want to hurt yourself unnecessarily, preserve sex for marriage. Don’t be fooled by someone who is not committing.

If you are married, honor your partner and you will be happier than the average person on this planet. Stop being offended by petty stuff. Be transparent on how you spend your time and money. Stop hiding your phone and passwords. Invest in your partner. Make your partner attractive. Appreciate your partner every day. Seek to give, not to receive. Manage your expectations.

Take care of your body and mind, and entrust your health to God. Exercise regularly. Eat healthy. Stop smoking and indulging in drugs and alcohol. Feed your mind with the pure, clean and progressive. Listen to inspirational messages. Have a grateful heart. While we cannot totally eliminate stress, happiness is achievable. Believe me, my Mercy and I are genuinely happy, and happily married. Don’t be cheated that there are no happy couples.





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