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Where Is Setor? GMB Fans React To A Picture Posted By Tv3 Without Her



Ghana’s Most Beautiful fans are still asking  TV3 the whereabout of Setor in the a just posted photo on their page. This is generating controversy following the unexpected and unexplained disappearance of the 1st runner up Setor again.

Social media users were demanding the whereabout of Setor. Their expectations were that, the winner Sarfo and 1st runner up Setor was expected to appear in public and in Tv to share their experience, but that did not happen. Rather Sarfoa and 2nd runner up Manu were those who appeared on Tv. Even on TV3’s Facebook page a post of Sarfoa and Manu were shared by the media network. As they were waiting for Tv3 to come and answer them, they have done justice to that by posting   the three of them, the winner Sarfoa, 1st runner up Sector, and the 2nd runner up Manu with caption “Sorry but not sorry. Still flooding your feed with our #GMB2021 Queens; Setor, Sarfoa and Manu”.  Apart from that day, Tv3 have not posted a picture that includes her again.

Social media users react;“Those asking: Where is Setor?. Come on. Place yourself in her shoes. She’s a Medical Doctor and needs to get back to Saving lives. Imagine you are also working and took some break. Don’t you think the time you left would cost you? And you have to make up to it?. She can’t be around like the others. She got things to do.”

“And setor could stay out of work for 13 week’s  and could not spare a night with the ladies what if she was crowned the winner. Obviously she will not have tv3 time. Anyway the crown was given to the best person.”


Source: EmpressTV



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