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Why are you BROKE?


Either you are jobless or underemployed. Or you have poor money management skills – you live way beyond your means. You spend what you don’t have. You buy on borrowed money. You consume more than you produce.

Whatever the case, you have a choice to make. One, you can accept your situation as binding. You can conclude you’re broke by fate – the gods must be crazy – they are not fair. You can convince yourself that everyone who has money has stolen somewhere. And because you are a saint, you’ll just accept your fate and wait for the kingdom of the poor to come.

Two, you can blame someone for your situation. You can blame your eX who supported you financially for walking out on you. You can blame the one who stole your partner. You can blame an employer who fired you unfairly. You can blame witchcraft. You can blame others for not supporting you. You can blame your corrupt government.

Three, you can decide that you can do something about your situation. You can decide that the buck of your life stops with you. You can decide that nobody is responsible for your finances. You can stop expecting anyone but you to help you out of your situation. In that case, you can decide what to do about your situation and just do it.

What will you choose?




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