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Why attack another woman?


If your husband is flirting or sleeping with another woman, how will attacking that woman help you? A man is either committed to one woman or none. If you catch him in an extramarital affair with another woman, she’s not the only one. Attacking his current victim does not deal with the root cause of the problem. Deal with your husband – keep other women out of your domestics!

If you draw the red line with your hubby, an honourable man will be remorseful and reform his ways. If he’s a rogue, he won’t give a damn. Make up your mind whether you respect yourself or you’ll continue to tolerate abuse. But fighting other women will just exhaust your energy and hurt you more.

That holds even for men. Why attack the man moving out with your wife? When two bulls fight, the confrontation may end up fatal. Or at least, land you in jail or severe injuries. No one promised you that 3.5 billion men will respect your marriage. It’s your wife who’s broken your trust.

Husband and wife, purpose to stay together. Avoid distant marriages as much as humanly possible. Update each other regularly on your whereabouts. Live a transparent life. Budget all your income together. Disclose the passwords of your gadgets and social media platforms. What are you hiding from each other? Stop hiding in nightclubs and spend quality time with your family after work.

What are you looking for in life? If you are looking for true happiness, you’ll find it at home. Invest in the one you love. Purpose to make your home a little heaven on earth. Play together as a couple. And pray together lest you stray apart.




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