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Why many men are not serious with marriage


Why are so many men not serious with marriage even though they benefit the most from it? Even when a marriage breaks down, most women remain neat, smart and focused. Most men get shaggy and confused after divorce. Among daters, it’s ladies pushing for commitment. While women are natural homemakers, men tend to focus more on making money and chasing different girls.

A woman’s marriage is 180 degrees away from a man’s marriage. Women go into marriage for the marriage. Women want absolute commitment. For women, marriage is a package deal that includes tying the knot with the man of their dream, raising kids and building their future together. Men go into marriage for the woman. For most men, their focus is the woman, not marriage.

For many men, if he can get the woman without the marriage, life’s great. Such men stay single for years or take their marriage for granted. They are not over-bothered with marriage failure so long as they can get a woman – any woman. Many men wonder why some men go the extra mile to impress one woman.

In marriages where the man is absolutely committed to his marriage, almost always, those marriages thrive. In marriages where the woman drags the man, they either fail or barely survive for the sake of their children or societal pressure. If we get the family leader back to his senses, this world will be better for all of us. As John Maxwell says, ‘everything rises and falls on leadership.’




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