It is a journey of no return
A journey you don’t start if you can’t end
Because it has rocky paths and full of mountains
Strive hard to end it if only you start
Even in agony and tears
Else you break a Divine order.

Your fear to be naked
Will suspend you from enjoying
It’s real fruits and render it bitter
It is a partnership where everything
Is so so plain
Nothing is to be hidden in marriage

Those yet to come maybe burdened if we marry wrongly
If marriage is right society will always welcome joy
Because marriage is a shelter
For a yet to be revealed empire
What we live behind is what
Those to com toe feed on
Don’t be pressured by family and friends.

The major sin that germinates
When you are far off
Must die when you welcome marriage
Else you do your body a great damage
Marriage must kill the immorality in you.

It is a union you don’t just join
Regardless of how pleasant many
May present it
And make your mind blow to enter
When your heart is down and so unready
It is a union formed with the heart
Never give the eyes power to deceive you
For the heart sees, knows and understands better.

This thing called marriage
Is a creation of God Almighty
It has come to stay
For it is His means for man to fill the earth
It is adorable and so honourable
But please approach it
When you are old and really bold
For it can tear you apart.


Poems By Nana Adu Rockson, modern-day poet


I seek permission to use what I own
For the territories,s I made with my sweat
Are now stolen and almost destroyed
I have become a beggar
In my own environment
I need nothing but the strength
Of the wind to triumph.

I would have loved it
If I never had a goodbye
From here in my absence then to see her leave
In my very presence.
My muscles are youthful
But not resilient to fight her escape
If only I had the strength Of the wind
She would have still been mine.

Our strength failed before their uttered words
The courage we gathered left
At the brink of their eyes
All because we do not have
The strength the wind possesses.
The strength of the wind never loses.

When weaknesses finally brood over us
And we are looked down upon
By our own members
When the ability to rise lacks fuel
One thing runs through our minds
How the strength of the wind prevails
Even when wisdom, knowledge
And understanding fights it.

When success appears and processes
Become obstacle to block his shine
When systems made by humans
Seek our decline because of
What nature has for us
When we struggle through
The jungle with wounds
And embrace constant denials because
Of the continuous fight
We long for the strength of the wind
To move us upwards faster
For the hearts of men are heartless.




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