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Every healthy person MUST work. There’s a difference between work and job. Even if you work for government or corporate organization, you can be deployed to do what you love doing. When you do what you love doing, you never feel like you’re working. Work becomes your way of life.

A NEED is a necessity, an essential required to live. You DON’T need a job. You can’t die because of losing a job. Some people re-invented themselves after losing their jobs and became influential business people. If you see your job as a need, you’ll be stressed throughout your work-life. You will run heaven and earth trying to impress your boss. There’re girls who even sleep with their boss so sustain their job.

If you must be employed, work where you are needed, not wanted. Work in a place where they need you more than you need them. Refine your craft so much that the entire industry knows your name.

But eventually, almost everybody starts their own business – whether they know it or not. Whether it’s keeping bees or dairy cows after retirement, eventually most people start their own stuff. It’s not whether you’ll get into business, it’s when. You better be equipped for business.




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