The future of the country belongs to the youth. The future of every country can be properly managed and steered effectively and efficiently when the human capacity is a good resource full of wisdom and knowledge.

The ability to tap into wisdom and knowledge is through information and education.

This analysis and how to empower the youth is the heartbeat of Hon Freeman Tsekpo, the assembly member of the Nii komieteh electoral area in Ashaiman municipality. He has laid it upon himself to organize a youth empowerment summit. Mr Freeman Teskpo has set the tone in a rightful perspective to engage the youth.

The objectives and rationale behind the youth empowerment summit are to educate the youth on how they can discover themselves and their potential for a successful living.

There is a lot of youth who don’t know how God has wired them for a greater future, what they are pregnant with, what they carry, and their real personality.

There are a lot of in-depth talents and gifts God has deposited in the youth. Most of them are struggling and walking around without any vision, mission and ambition to accomplish.

Some too have shifted from their real purpose in life. Most of the youth have ventured into a lot of trade or profession that is not their area to function. It is very pathetic and sad to see some youth who have a brighter future, messing up and jeopardizing their destiny. You sometimes hear some of their conversations. some are of the view that until you pass through a dubious or shortcut, by engaging yourself in hookups, sports betting, and fraudulent activities, you can’t become successful. This is a great deception of an ill motive perception. What most of the youth lack is how to discover who they are and where they belong. Until you discover you can’t recover. In other words, until you find where ever your interest and passion is you can’t become successful in life.

Following the crowd is one of the factors that disallows some of the youth to discover the great talent inside them.
When they witness what some of their colleagues are doing, then they just jump into it, by doing the same thing. They forget that everyone has their destiny.

Succeeding in your local business and regulatory environment is one of the plights when the youth tap into it they will see a greater elevation in the future. There are thousands of opportunities surrounding us in our locality. What they should do is to know what the necessity in their locality is and trade about it to make enough money. They are sitting on gold mines and still complaining. The reason is that they are not ready to take advantage of using the vehicle of the local business to amass wealth. One major problem about some of the youth is that they prefer working for somebody to working for themselves. Some don’t like to venture into a local business, what they are delighted in is office work.

These and many reasons had made the Assemblymember of Komieteh electoral area Hon Freeman Teskpo put a resource together, to organize a youth Empowerment summit to elaborate on some of these high pressing issues that will make the Ghanaian youth prosperous in life.

He has invited some youth activists and experts in youth development to become the main speakers. The speakers are Dr Enoch Amoatey and Mr Alidu Muhammad.

The special guests of Honor to Grace the program are the member of parliament for Ashaiman constituency Honourable Enerst Norgbey, the Municipal Chief Executive of Ashaiman municipality, Albert Boakye Okyere and MCD Alhaji Saaka Dramani.

The venue for the program is Rhema Outreach Church Ashaiman Lebanon Zone 4.
The date is 28th August 2021.
The time to start the program is 8:30 am.

For more information about the program kindly call honourable Freeman Tsekpo on 0244579265
Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to be enlightened and developed as a youth.

Source: Kwabena Yeboah-the founder of the speak your mind movement.


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